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Our 87+ years of experience allows us to view construction challenges as opportunities to collaborate and succeed.



Underground Construction Co., Inc. is widely recognized as an industry-leading innovator, delivering turnkey design and construction services across four divisions.

Working collaboratively with industry leaders in each category, Underground Construction Co., Inc. has installed more than 200,000 miles of copper wire and fiber optic cables; trenched enough earth to reach from San Francisco to New York and back again.

Our fueling projects currently pump more than 10 million gallons of fuel per day at the nation’s largest commercial airports and military installations.



Our crews have installed miles of electrical conduit and cable, as well as precast and cast-in-place enclosures in a variety of environments. The depth of experience our team brings to each project allows us to formulate a complete plan to meet the daily challenges of time, environment, and project complexity.



Underground Construction Co., Inc. has completed gas transmission and distribution projects for well over 50 years. We continue to successfully complete some of the most difficult and complex gas transmission and distribution projects.



Since the 1970’s, Underground Construction Co., Inc. has been constructing fuel storage facilities, pumping systems, pipelines, and hydrant systems at airports nationwide to support direct fueling of aircraft. Our success has taken us beyond our extensive commercial projects to military fueling facilities and infrastructures.



Underground Construction Co., Inc. is the contractor of choice for industrial projects because our team is comprised of professionals who have experience with design, installation and maintenance of mechanical and structural components of highly specialized facilities.

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