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Northern California Fire Region Joint Trench Rebuild/Restoration Project (2018 – Present)

Underground Electric Construction Company, Inc., is the preferred civil construction contractor restoring services to customers whose lives were upended by historic Northern California wildfires. Commitment to the highest quality workmanship and the safest construction practices aligns UECCo with PG&E’s top priorities.

UECCo crews were tasked to restore or replace fire-damaged overhead and underground electrical, gas, and telecommunication equipment and hardscape surfaces. The project evolved from providing temporary distribution services to developers rebuilding commercial and residential properties, to installing permanent services, enabling PG&E customers to return to their homes and businesses.

Since 2018, UECCo has successfully installed over 84,000 LF of electrical conduit, 88,000 LF of gas distribution pipe, 104 enclosures, and 140,000 LF of telecommunication conduit. We are committed to the ongoing restoration of utility services to those affected by the fires.

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